Strong walls, weak preservation

By John Roy Abenaza, Interactive Editor  |

INTRAMUROS WAS KNOWN FOR BEING the center of politics and religion during the Spanish up to the early 1950’s in Manila. It housed many government buildings, elite houses and grandiose establishments.

The splendor of this place is taken for granted for quite some time that some parts of the Walled City shows signs that the place is neglected; just like side of Intramuros facing the Pasig River.

Take for example the ferry terminal of Plaza Mexico which is now out of service due to some financial reasons. It was built during the administration of Gloria Arroyo and it did not serve that long.

Currently, the terminal built using the taxpayers’ money is just an establishment facing the Pasig River, not serving its purpose.

Instead of commuters from different parts of the city who should be entering and exiting the premises, the informal settlers are the ones benefiting from this expensive project.

They made the terminal their home and treated it as their kitchen, living room, bedroom and bathroom in one.

The government of Manila should try to utilize this Ferry system which can probably reduce the traffic in city. They can also use this opportunity to earn and fund their public works.

Just in front of the Plaza Mexico is the office of the Bureau of Immigration. The front of the office looks decent but the back does not. During heavy rains, this part of the Bureau of Immigration experience flooding that oftentimes reach above the gutter.

The back side also shows that the building is poorly maintained.

The part of the Immigration was not the only place flood happens. The underpass near Jones Bridge and the whole stretch of that road is also prone to waist deep flood even if it is not raining or if it is high tide.

Passengers who often pass this area always complain the wreaking smell the drainage produce.

Intramuros is one of the treasures not only for Manileños but also for Filipinos. If this negligence continues to persist, then the decay will slowly engulf the place until it becomes a remnant of our history sitting right across the Manila City Hall.


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